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Composimold 10 oz.

Composimold 10 oz.

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10 oz Composimold Food Contact safe mold material. Composimold may be melted and poured using low heat from a microwave. Composimold is great for food safe casting such as chocolate. Plaster is an ideal casting material as it is low exotherm and will not melt the mold. For food safe applications, Composimold Food Safe mold release must be used. This is a great starter material for learning the basics of molding and casting. It is ideal for simple, 1 sided parts or basic figurines. See our selection of silicone mold compounds for complicated resin casting.

Important! Composimold melts at a low temperature. Composimold is not recommended for casting resins with high exotherm. Conforms to ASTM D4236

Technical Data: Instructions  -  SDS

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