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Clear Fast Cast Resin - All Kit Sizes

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Clear Fast Cast Resin is an easy-to-use, fast-setting polyurethane casting resin that cures to a clear color.

Magikast reproduces fine detail and is great for figurines, prototyping, collectibles, model railroad parts, toys, fixtures, furniture trim, taxidermy, sculpture reproduction and more.

For bubble-free parts, vacuum degassing and/or pressure casting is recommended.

Magikast Clear Fast Cast Resin parts will yellow over time when exposed to UV light.

Magikast™ Clear Fast Cast Resin has a 420-second (7-minute) pot life and demold time of 45-60 minutes at room temperature.


Physical Properties

Product Magikast™ Clear Fast Cast Resin
Mix Ratio by Weight 1 Part A : 1 Part B
Shore Hardness D78
Pot Life 420 sec. (7 min.)
Demold Time @ 77°F 45-60 min.
Cured Color Clear
Mixed Viscosity 450 cP
Specific Volume 26.6 in³/lb
Specific Gravity 1.04
Tensile Strength 4,200 psi
Linear Shrinkage 0.005 in/in
Heat Deflection Temperature 140°F
Elongation 12%
Flexural Strength 7,020 psi

Product Literature

Technical Bulletin: Magikast™Fast Cast Resins | Technical Bulletin

Safety Data Sheets: Magikast™ Clear Fast Cast Resin Part A | Magikast™ Clear Fast Cast Resin Part B

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