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Brush-on Silicone Mold Kit

Brush-on Silicone Mold Kit

  • $125.00

This is a great starter kit for making basic brush-on molds with silicone. Kit includes 2 lb kit of Gel-25 silicone, 1 oz TinThix thickener, 1.9 lb kit of Easy Flo 60 casting resin, mixing cups, 1 lb Protolina clay, stir sticks, mold release, and 2 rolls of 4 inch wide plaster bandages. Kit can also be used as a basic poured mold kit.

Technical Data: EasyFlo 60 - Datasheet           EasyFlo Physical Properties
                           EasyFlo 60 Part A - MSDS      EasyFlo 60 Part B - MSDS

                           Gel-25 - Datasheet                   Gel-25 - MSDS  

                            Platsil Silicone Physical Properties

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