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BC-8655 Kwik-Kast II Blue Urethane Resin - All Kit Sizes

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BC-8655 is a two-part, fast-cast urethane tooling resin that cures (RTV) to a blue, Shore D83 plastic. BC-8655 creates hard and durable parts and is ideal for constructing patterns, prototypes, duplications, negatives, low temperature vacuum form tools, tracing models, and other tooling applications.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Cumene  and Benzene which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Mix Ratio

Shore Hardness

Pot Life

Demold Time

Cured Color

Mixed Viscosity

Specific Gravity

Specific Volume

Heat Deflection Temp.

Linear Shrinkage

1A:1B by weight or volume


8-10 min.

1-2 hr.


2,120 cP


14.6 in³/lb


0.0002 in/in

Shake or Stir Part A & Part B before use. Demold time varies with thickness of casting. The thinner the casting, the longer the demold time. Shrinkage in polyurethane resins is caused by gelling while hot then cooling. Parts that cure with minimal temperature rise (exotherm) exhibit minimal shrinkage.



5-lb kit includes:
2.5 lb of BC-8655 Kwik-Kast II Blue Part A (~1 quart)
2.5 lb of BC-8655 Kwik-Kast II Blue Part B (~1 quart)

20-lb kit includes:
10 lb of BC-8655 Kwik-Kast II Blue Part A (~1 gallon)
10 lb of BC-8655 Kwik-Kast II Blue Part B (~1 gallon)

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