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Accu-Cast 880 Alginate - 1LB

Accu-Cast 880 Alginate - 1LB

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Accu-Cast 880 Alginate is highly recommended for big projects like torsos. Beginners also like it for head casting and pregnant belly casting because they get a little extra time. Also ideal for use in hot environments where other alginates set too quickly.

Although Accu-Cast 880 alginate can be used for just about any type of project, it sets too slowly for hand casting, except for very large multi-hand projects. Can also be used for faces, heads and torsos.
Accu-Cast 880 sets in 8 minutes when you use 80°F water. As always, warmer water will accelerate the set. It sets firm and hard, even when mixed thin.

For face, head or torso casting, we recommend a 4:1 (by weight) mixing ratio. This would be approx. 8 cups water to 1 pound 880-LS. Can be mixed thicker or thinner as the need arises.

When you apply Accu-Cast 880, it STAYS WHERE YOU PUT IT. Easy to mix, Easy to Apply but doesn't run like everybody else's alginate.

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