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Accu-Cast 590-IBG Alginate - 5 Lbs

  • $45.00

Accu-Cast 590-IBG alginate is ideal for medium-sized lifecasting projects like faces, heads, and partial torsos.

The great thing about Accu-Cast 590-IBG alginate is its gradual set. This gives the operator plenty of time to embed the cotton or plaster bandage squares into the surface of the alginate during a face, head or torso cast.

Accu-Cast 590 sets in 5 minutes when you use 90°F water. As always, cooler water will slow the set. It sets gradually, but will end up firm and hard, even when mixed thin.

For face, head and torso casting, we recommend a 4:1 (by weight) mixing ratio. Coincidentally this turns out to be almost exactly a 1:1 ratio by volume. If you want to weight it out, use about 2 quarts of water for each pound of Accu-Cast 590-IBG. Can be mixed thicker or thinner as the need arises.

The use of warm water (90°F) makes it very comfortable for the subject.

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