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Poly 74-45 Gallon Kit (16 Lbs)

  • $130.00

Poly 74-45 Urethane Rubber is our choice for larger brush-on molds (must add PolyFiber 2- See Additives) and cast stone. Has a great stretch for a stiffer rubber, allowing some undercuts.

Poly 74-45 Urethane Rubber is a very tough, high tear, high elongation rubber. This product is ideal for high volume concrete and plaster casting. As with other 74 Series products, it can be poured as supplied or thickened with PolyFiber for creating brushed molds.

Poly 74-45 is a 1A:1B mix, A~45 hardness, polyurethane liquid rubber that cures in 16-24 hours and is designed for making high-performance rubber molds for casting materials such as plaster (mill work, home decor, etc.), wax (candles & lost wax varieties), concrete, GFRC, GRG and resins (polyurethane, polyester, epoxy - with proper release agents). Poly 74-45 molds can be poured as supplied or brushed-on by mixing in Poly Fiber II thickener or fumed silica. Poly 74-45 liquid rubber is an excellent multi-purpose, economical mold material that will provide long mold life, durability and consistent performance under repeated casting. Poly 74-45 is popular for casting decorative architectural concrete panels and accessories.

Mixing Ratio: 1 A:1B
Working Time: 30 Minutes
Demold: Overnight
Cured Color: Yellow

Technical Data: Poly 74-45 Datasheet
                            Part A MSDS      Part B MSDS

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