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Poly 74-30 Quart Kit (4 Lbs)

Poly 74-30 Quart Kit (4 Lbs)

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Polytek's tried and true formula for durable molds. Add PolyFiber 2 to make into a brushable paste for brush- on molds. Mask, creature and costume makers: this is your mold material for casting PlatSil Gel 10 Silicone- will not inhibit the cure! Great Detail.

Poly 74-30 is a 1A:1B mix, A~30 hardness, polyurethane liquid rubber that cures in 16-24 hours and is designed for making high-performance rubber molds for casting materials such as plaster (millwork, home décor, etc.), wax (candles & lost wax varieties), concrete and resins (polyurethane, polyester, epoxy - with proper release agents). Poly 74-30 molds can be poured as supplied or brushed-on by mixing in Poly Fiber II thickener or fumed silica. Poly 74-30 liquid rubber is an excellent multi-purpose, economical mold material that will provide long mold life, durability and consistent performance under repeated casting. Used extensively by art foundries and individual artists for making molds for sculptural reproduction in wax (for hot bronze) or for bonded bronze casting. When brushing, 74/75 Part X accelerator can be used to speed the process.

Mix Ratio: 1A:1B By Weight

Working Time: 25-30 Minutes
Demold Time: Overnight

Technical Data: Poly 74-30 Datasheet
Poly 74-30 Part A MSDS      Poly 74-30 Part B MSDS

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