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Poly 74-30HT Gallon Kit (16 Lbs)

Poly 74-30HT Gallon Kit (16 Lbs)

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Poly 74-30HT is a new, High-Tear formula of the ever-popular Poly 74-30. It is a 1:1 mix, low-viscosity, liquid polyurethane mold rubber that can be used for all the same uses as any other Poly 74-Series rubber – casting of wax, plaster, concrete, resin, foam and more!

Poly 74-30HT uses the same Poly 74 Part A as Poly 74-30, but with a new, high-strength formulation on the Part B side, we are able to provide superior tear and tensile strength in applications where that is important.

Poly 74-30HT can also be mixed with Poly Fiber II to create a thixotropic mix of any consistency needed for brushed mold applications. Of course, Poly 74-30 in its original formula is and always will be available!

Poly 74-30HT (High-Tear) is designed for making durable, high-performance, rubber molds for casting materials such as plaster (millwork, home décor, etc.), wax (candles & lost wax varieties), concrete and resins (polyurethane, polyester, epoxy - with proper release agents). Poly 74-30HT liquid rubber is an excellent multi-purpose, economical mold material that will provide long mold life, durability and consistent performance under repeated casting.
The Poly 74-30 is widely used by foundries for waxes.

The Poly 74-30HT should NOT be used for making molds where PlatSil Gel-10 or Gel-00 will be used. Use Poly 74-30 Clear or Poly 74-30 instead.


Mix Ratio: 1A:1B By Weight
Working Time: 25-30 Minutes
Demold Time: Overnight

Technical Data: Poly 74-30HT Datasheet
Poly 74-30HT Part A MSDS      Poly 74-30HT Part B MSDS

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