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Poly 74-20 Pint Kit (3 Lbs)

Poly 74-20 Pint Kit (3 Lbs)

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Our Pick for Veneer Stone Molds.

Poly 74-20 is a 1A:2B mix, A~20 hardness, polyurethane liquid rubber that cures in 8-16 hours and is designed for making high-performance, high-strength rubber molds for casting materials such as plaster (for millwork, home décor, etc.), wax (candles & lost wax varieties) and resins (polyurethane, polyester, epoxy - with proper release agents). Poly 74-20 is particularly well-suited for casting concrete (veneer stone, architectural cast stone elements, concrete countertops, ...) and often eliminates the need for concrete release agents. Poly 74-20 molds can be poured as supplied or brushed-on by mixing in Poly Fiber II thickener. Poly 74-20 liquid rubber is an excellent multi-purpose, economical mold material that will provide long mold life, durability and consistent performance under high volume casting applications.

Mixing Ratio: 1A: 2B
Durometer: 20 Shore A
Working Time: 30 Minutes
Color: Yellow
Mixed Viscosity (cP): 800

This Kit Contains 1 Pint (1 lb) of Part A and 1 Quarts (2 lbs) of Part B. 6lbs Total

Technical Data: Poly 74-20 Datasheet
                           Poly 74-20 Part A MSDS      Poly 74-20 Part B MSDS

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