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74-20 Brush-on Urethane Rubber Kit

  • $231.00

Our 74-20 kit helps get you started making brushed on molds for wax, plaster, and concrete casting. 74-20 is a very popular "pourable" rubber but may also be thickened for brushed on applications by adding the provided PolyFiber Thickener. 74-20 is a soft and stretchy, 20A urethane rubber that is ideal for molding statuary and other complicated parts. Use Hydrocal + Hemp, or thickened resin, such as 1512, for a mother mold. Mother mold materials not included.

Kit includes 24lb kit (~3 Gallons) of 74-20, 1lb PolyFiber Thickener, Nitrile Gloves, stir sticks, brushes, graduated mixing cups, and 2300 spray release.

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