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PlatSil 73-25 - All Kit Sizes

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PlatSil 73-25 is a 1:1 mix platinum/addition-cure silicone that cures to a soft/mid-range hardness of A~25.
This silicone is a blend of all the best properties available for a silicone mold rubber.
PlatSil 73-25 is 1A:1B, by weight or volume. The yellow colored Part A and green colored Part B make it easy to see when mixing is complete. A uniform, light, lime-green color means you're good to go! A mixed viscosity of 6,000 cP is easy to mix and pour and insures vacuum degassing is unnecessary.
A 15 minute pour time coupled with a 4-5 hour demold time is the best of both worlds!
PlatSil 73-25 does not shrink on cure and the resulting mold has great tear strength and easy release from all casting media.

Non-porous patterns may be released with SupraLease PTR (formerly Eject-it 33).

Seal porous patterns with petroleum jelly or 2350.

May be thickened with TinThix Silicone Thickener for brush-on mold applications.

Technical Data: Datasheet - MSDS - Physical Properties

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