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PlatSil 73-25 - All Kit Sizes

  • $52.00

Important! We have lower cost alternatives to PlatSil 73-25 available now. Due to raw material costs, 73-25 has gotten very expensive despite our efforts to offset and absorb the many price increases. TC-5130 is a lower cost (and lower viscosity), but still high quality 1:1 platinum formula for mold-making. 5130 has a similar pot-life and de-mold time and is also low-viscosity. It is translucent so it may also be used for prototyping and medical simulators. Click here for more info.

Non-porous patterns may be released with SupraLease PTR (formerly Eject-it 33).

Seal porous patterns with petroleum jelly or 2350.

May be thickened with TinThix Silicone Thickener for brush-on mold applications.

Technical Data: Datasheet - MSDS - Physical Properties

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