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PlatSil 71-10 - Gallon Kit (9 lbs)

  • $144.00

PlatSil 71-10 is a unique, fast-curing, soft (A~10) platinum silicone mold rubber. Mixed 1A:10B, this super low viscosity (3500 cP) silicone has a 5 minute working time and a 30 minute demold.
As with other PlatSil platinum rubbers, 71-10 is great for casting resins as well as waxes and most other castable media.

A great silicone mold rubber for prototyping or projects that you just need to get done right away.
No need to vacuum or pressure cast this low viscosity quick curing mold rubber.

Kit Contains: 1 Pint (1 lb) of Part A and 1 Gallon (8lbs) of Part B - 9 lbs Total

Mix Ratio: 1A:10B by Weight
Durometer: Shore A 15
Working Time: 5 Minutes
Demold Time: 30 Minutes
Color: Pink
Mixed Viscosity: 3,500 cP
Shrinkage Upon Cure: Nil

Technical Data:  Datasheet - MSDS

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