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6837 Medium Flesh Tone Pigment 4 oz.

6837 Medium Flesh Tone Pigment 4 oz.

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The 6800 Series of liquid pigment dispersions are designed to be compatible with all BJB polyurethanes, foams, and epoxy
resin systems.

Important! If you are looking for silicone pigment, go to our Silicone Additive page.

BJB liquid pigments are designed to rapidly disperse into the systems described above. The 6800 pigment series is typically used by adding approximately 1/2% by weight of pigment to the material system. Many materials are naturally dark and hard to color. These materials may require from 1% to 5% of the pigment dispersion to develop the desired color. Liquid pigments can often cause a negative effect on a material’s physical properties if too much pigment is added.

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