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2 Day Lifecasting Class January 13th and 14th 2018

  • $228.00

2 Day Lifecasting Class!

Our 2 day lifecasting class is the best way to learn the basics of silicone and alginate lifecasting techniques. Class covers hand casting, face casting, and full head casting. Hand cast portion of class is hands-on. This class can get messy so dress accordingly. Class also covers casting techniques for pouring positives into alginate and silicone lifecast molds.

Class Covers:

  • Proper use of plaster bandages
  • Alginate mixing and application
  • Silicone Lifecasting vs. Alginate
  • Sealing nose holes on a silicone cast
  • Clay Pour Process
  • Hydrocal Mixing & Casting
  • Patching Air Bubbles in Plaster
In addition to great how-to knowledge, you will also leave with lifecasting supplies to help get you started.

    Class is from 9-5 on Saturday & Sunday January 13th and 14th. This is our most popular class and space is limited so sign up now to reserve a spot.

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