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Poly 15-3X Gallon Kit (20 Lbs)

Poly 15-3X Gallon Kit (20 Lbs)

  • $95.00

This is a great resin for achieving more of a "stone" feel to your finished casting.

Poly 15-3X is a 1:1 mix, filled polyurethane liquid casting plastic that has a 5 minute working time and a ~1 hour demold time. The filler in Poly 15-3X gives it a dense stone-like feel making it ideal for backfilling cold cast bronze parts. The filler also makes 15-3X a very economical, low-cost resin..

Photo shows a rough casting in the actual cured color.

Technical Data: Poly 15-3X - Datasheet
Poly 15-3X Part A - MSDS      Poly 15-3X Part B - MSDS

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