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Poly 15-3 - 5 Gallon Kit (100 Lbs)

Poly 15-3 - 5 Gallon Kit (100 Lbs)

  • $339.00

This is a great resin for achieving more of a "stone" feel to your finished casting.

Poly 15-3 is a 1:1 mix, filled polyurethane liquid casting plastic that has a 15 minute working time and a 3-12 hour demold time. The filler in Poly 15-3 gives it a dense stone-like feel making it ideal for backfilling cold cast bronze parts. The filler also makes 15-3 a very economical, low-cost resin. The filler also reduces exotherm so shrinkage is minimal.

Mix Ratio: 1:1 By Volume
Working Time: 15 Minutes
Demold Time: 12 Hours
Cured Color: Tan

Photo shows a rough casting in the actual cured color.

NOTE: Ships in 2 boxes (55lb each). Shipping is automatically calculated for one 108lb box, which incurs extra charges with UPS. We will automatically correct this when shipping, but you can call or email for a quick shipping quote.

Technical Data: Datasheet - SDS  Part A - Part B - Physical Properties

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