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Poly 1512X Quart Kit (4lbs)

  • $59.00

Poly 1512X is a 1:1 mix, low viscosity, polyurethane liquid casting plastic that has a 5 minute working time and a ~0.5 hour demold depending upon the size/mass of the pour.
Poly 1512X can be poured to produce decorative objects, production parts, prototype parts, tools, models, duplicate masters, patterns, and more. Also great for mother molds / mold shells using Poly Fiber II.

* High strength plastic
*1:1 mix formula
*Tough, non-brittle
* Can be machined, drilled, sanded
* Great for strong, lightweight mold shells
* Tough, non-brittle
* Faster with 15 Part X
* Great for model making, prototyping

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