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Poly 1511 Quart Kit (4 Lbs)

  • $59.00

Poly 1511 is a 1:1 mix, low viscosity, polyurethane liquid casting plastic that has an 8-10 minute working time and a ~0.5 to 1 hour demold depending upon the size/mass of the pour. Poly 1511 can be poured to produce decorative objects, production parts, prototype parts, tools, models, duplicate masters, patterns, and more. Also great for mother molds / mold shells using Poly Fiber II.

Mix Ratio: 1A: 1B
Working Time: 8-10 Minutes (Decrease to 5 Min with 15X)
Demold: 30 Minutes to 1 Hours (Mass Dependent- Decrease with 15X)
Color: White
Shrinkage Upon Cure: Very Low

Mix in PolyFiber2 to thicken for brushing resin into molds for castings or brushing on for strong, light mother mold shells.

Use PlasPak spray gun and cartridge system, and add accelerator (74/75 X), for hard-coating polystyrene or spraying for large open castings and making mother molds ($650.00 for 1:1 gun, $5 per 2-sided cartridge, and $2.25 per static mixer tip- Call to order spray gun system at 888-676-2489).

Technical Data: Poly 1511 - Datasheet
Poly 1511 Part A - MSDS      Poly 1511 Part B - MSDS

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