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Poly-Optic 14-70 Gallon Kit (14.4 Lbs)

  • $169.00

Poly-Optic 14-70 is a clear A~70 polyurethane rubber for creating glass-like parts, yet flexible. Can be colored with Poly Color dyes and can be filled with a variety of dry fillers.

Vacuum degassing and pressure casting are recommended for best results to eliminate unwanted air bubbles. Poly-Optic 14-70 can shrink when poured in thicker sections or may cup in on corners. Heating molds helps to prevent this. Poly-Optic 14-70 can also be mixed with Poly-Optic 1410 to achieve a variety of hardnesses between A~70 and D~85. Will yellow when exposed to UV light.


is an easy, 1A:1B by volume, system that cures quickly to a super-strong, hard plastic with high heat deflection. Crystal Clear with a pressure chamber.

Kit Contains: 1 Gallon (8 lbs) of Part A and 1 Gallon (7.2 lbs) of Part B - Total of 2 Gallons.
Photo shows a 1411 casting from a pressure chamber.

Technical Data: Poly-Optic 14 Series Datasheet

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