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Poly-Optic 1420 - Quart Kit (6lbs)

Poly-Optic 1420 - Quart Kit (6lbs)

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Poly-Optic 1420 is a 2A:1B by weight mix, clear, hard, D~85 polyurethane casting plastic that is great for making clear parts that look like water or glass where optical clarity is important. Vacuum and pressure casting are recommended for the best results to eliminate unwanted air bubbles. Can be color cast with Poly Color dyes. Heat curing is required to achieve the high hardness and proper cure for this buffable clear plastic used extensively for prototype parts.

To create a brittle, breakable glass-like object, cure 1420 at room temperature.

Technical Data: Poly-Optic 1420 Datasheet
Poly-Optic 1420 Part A MSDS      Poly-Optic 1412 Part B MSDS

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