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Poly-Optic 1411 Pint Kit (1.9 Lbs)

  • $45.50

Poly-Optic 1411 is an easy, 1A:1B by volume, system that cures quickly to a super-strong, hard plastic with high heat deflection. 
For best results, cast Poly Optic 1411 resin into Platsil silicone molds or properly released 74 or 75 series Polyurethane rubber molds. For completely bubble free casting, pressure casting at 40-50psi is recomended.
Kit Contains: 1lb of Part A and .9 lb of Part B - Total of ~2 pints

For more information on casting aliphatic clear resins, check out our blog post here.

Technical Data: Poly-Optic 14 Series Datasheet

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