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Makeup & SPFX Supplies

BITY Mold Supply is a provider of specialized 3D FX Makeup and Molding supplies. We supply high-quality clays, lifecasting supplies, molding and casting materials, prosthetic silicone gels, flat molds, silicone adhesives, and alcohol activated palettes.

Our PlatSil Gel series is the industry standard for Gel-filled prosthetics. We have recently expanded the PlatSil Gel product line. The Gel series now includes PlatSil Gel-OO, Gel-10, and Gel-25. That PlatSil Gel series is the most versatile on the market and may be used for lifecasting, molding, prosthetics, and more. Get more information on PlatSil Gels here.

If you are just starting out, we offer a Gel-10 Starter Kit as well as