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74/75X Accelerator - 1lb

74/75X Accelerator - 1lb

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Poly 74/75X Accelerator is used to cure Poly 74, 75 and 77 Series polyurethane liquid mold rubbers quickly.
Part X is useful when making brushed molds with Poly 74 Series rubbers to decrease the time between coats. By adding a maximum of 3% Part X (by weight of the total mix) to 74-30 or 74-29, the working time may be reduced to approximately 8 minutes (at 75F). In the time it takes to mix the next batch, the previous layer gels enough to apply the subsequent coat. Demolding can be accomplished in as little as 4 hours after the final brushed layer is applied.
Exercise caution when using Part X for poured molds since rapid onset of gelling may trap air bubbles on or near the surface of the master.

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