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TinSil 80-40 Gallon Kit (9lbs)

TinSil 80-40 Gallon Kit (9lbs)

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TinSil 80-40 is the first in a new series of tin-cured silicone mold rubbers from Polytek that are designed to offer reduced shrinkage upon cure and during casting, longer storage/library life once cured and longer useable mold life.
TinSil 80-40 is a 1A:10B mix ratio tin silicone with a mid-range, A~40 hardness and a tough, snappy, high-tear cure. The highest performance materials and processes have been used to develop this next-generation tin silicone for the most demanding casting applications.
Can be used for poured molds or use ThinThix to thicken for brushable molds.

As with other Polytek silicone mold rubbers, TinSil 80-40 can be used to cast urethane resins and castable rubbers without release agents.
TinSil products are not to be used where food or body contact may occur.

Mix Ratio: 1A:10B (Scale Required)
Durometer: 40 Shore A
Working Time: 45 Minutes
Demold: 24 Hours
Color: Peach
Shrinkage Upon Cure (%): ~0.3
Use TinSil FastCat in place of any TinSil Part A to accelerate cure and shorten demold time.

This Kit contains - 0.9 lbs of Part A (catalyst) and 8.1 lbs of Part B (base).

Technical Data: TinSil 80-40 - Datasheet - MSDS: Part A - Part B

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