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T124 Tin Cure Silicone - All Kit Sizes

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T-124 is a high strength, pourable, two-component room-temperature curing (RTV) silicone rubber. Low in viscosity and easy to pour, we recommend this for duplication of models high in detail and with many undercuts.

Use the standard purple catalyst for about 60-90 minutes working time and a 12-18 hour demold time. For a faster cure, use the Medium-Fast Yellow Catalyst or Red Fast Catalyst for the fastest cure. Magikmold® T-124 is a pourable material; however, you can make it brushable with TinThix thixotropic additive.

For professional Use Only.

Specifications per Catalyst Comes with Purple (Standard) Catalyst. Order Medium and Fast Catalyst here.

  Magikmold® T-124 Catalyst (Standard) Magikmold® T-100 Medium Yellow Catalyst Magikmold® T-100 Fast Red Catalyst
Pot Life 60 – 90 min. 30 – 35 min. 15 – 30 min.
Demold Time (@ 77°F) 12 – 18 hr. 6 – 8 hr. 4 – 5 hr.
Cured Color Purple Yellow Pink

T-124 Features

  • Easy to use and will cure against sulphur clay
  • Very good flowability and self de-airation
  • Fast cure
  • Excellent tear strength – High resistance to laceration
  • Characteristic guarantees high resistance to wear and tear
  • High elongation and stretchability (500% elongation)
  • High level of accuracy in reproducing very small particulars
  • Outstanding chemical resistance to attack by polyurethane resins. Mold life is significantly extended.
  • Use TinThix thickener for brushed-on molds.
Type Tin-cured (condensation-cure)
Mix Ratio by Weight 1 Part Catalyst : 10 Parts Base
Shore Hardness A23 – A26
Mixed Viscosity 24,000 cP
Specific Volume 25.4 in³/lb
Specific Gravity 1.09
Tensile Strength 370 psi
Elongation 514 %
Die B Tear Strength 74 pli
Die T Tear Strength 16.0 pli


All of the following are commonly cast into this silicone:

  • Urethane (polyurethane)
  • Plaster
  • Soap
  • Wax
  • Polyester casting resin
  • Hydrocal, Hydrostone
  • Epoxy


Product Literature

Technical Bulletin: Magikmold® T-100 Series Technical Bulletin

Safety Data Sheet: Magikmold® T-124 Catalyst SDS | Magikmold® T-124 Base SDS

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