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PlatSil HTS Silicones - All Sizes

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PlatSil HTS is a very high tear strength silicone formula available in 25A, fast 25A, and 40A. The base rubber of HTS is universal so the catalyst determines speed and hardness. This versatile silicone system allows you to purchase 1 base rubber and adjust as needed with additional catalyst. PlatSil HTS silicones are translucent so they may be pigmented with silicone pigments to color code molds or simulate organic tissue. Flocking colors may also be added for simulating realistic skin tones.

We supply complete kits (A+B) on this page. Extra PlatSil HTS Cataylst can be found here. PlatSil HTS formulas are ideal for:

  • GFRC concrete applications that require extra high strength and release capabilities
  • Medical simulators requiring extra strong skins such as suture pads
  • Matrix Molds where long working time and high strength is necessary
  • Production resin casting molds
  • Large brushed-on molds

PlatSil HTS formulas basic physical properties:

  • HTS 25 Fast: 25A silicone. 15 min. working time, 3 hour demold. Mixed viscosity: 18,000 cP Mix ratio: 1A:10B by Weight
  • HTS 25 Slow: 25A silicone. 70 min. working time, 24 hour demold. Mixed viscosity: 15,500 cP Mix Ratio: 1A:10B by Weight
  • HTS 40: 40A silicone. 30 min. working time, 24 hour demold. Mixed viscosity: 17,000 cP Mix Ratio: 1A:10B by Weight

HTS formulas respond well to both TinThix and PlatThix thickeners. PlatThix is ideal for building up layers. TinThix may be used to create a VERY thick paste for filling deep undercuts.

As mentioned, the part A determines the hadness/softness of the cured HTS silicone. Click here to purchase extra catalyst.

Technical Data: PlatSil HTS Physical Properties
                           PlatSil HTS Part A MSDS      PlatSil HTS Part B MSDS

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