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PlatSil Gel-25 Lifecasting Kit

  • $195.00

Our Gel-25 lifecasting kit is great for getting started making silicone lifecasts. Kit includes 8lb Gel-25 kit, 5 rolls of 6" plaster bandages, brushes, graduated Mixing cups, stir sticks, release agent for skin, petroleum release for 2 part plaster bandage molds, silicone thickener, and silicone pigment. Kit includes enough Gel-25 and plaster bandage material for an average torso cast, 3-4 face casts, or 1 full head and shoulders mold. Materials required for various casts will differ based on size of subject. Optional Part H Hardener may be added to create extra firm lifecasts.

If you are looking for more thorough tutorials than what we have available on our youtube page, check out our new Lifecasting DVD. Click here to get Lifecasting 102 for extended tutorials on head casting and body casts with Gel-25.

Gel-25 is translucent/colorless. Select a silicone pigment for your kit. Silicone pigment helps you see your mold progress better and differentiate between layers if required.

Important! Avoid cure inhibition! Do not wear latex gloves while using this product! Avoid clays with sulfur and skin creams containing Aloe Vera. Use a Vinyl Bald Cap for head casts to avoid cure inhibition caused by latex caps.

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