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PlatSil Gel-10 Starter Kit

  • $150.00

BITY Mold Supply has bundled everything you need to get started with PlatSil Gel-10.
Thicken it! Color it! Deaden it!

If you have watched the BITY Mold Supply YouTube videos of PlatSil Gel-10 then this kit includes everything you have seen used to get started working with PlatSil Gel-10.

Kit includes, 2lb Kit of PlatSil Gel-10 (1lb Part A & 1lb Part B), 8 Color Palette (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Black, Flesh, and Brown), 1oz of TinThix, 4oz 71/73R Retarder, 3 - 4oz Flocking Powders (choose between Flesh (Caucasian) Red, Tan & Brown), 4oz of Smith's Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener, 6 - 1oz mixing cups, mixing sticks.


This kit of PlatSil Gel-10 silicone is ready for you to make your own cuts, scrapes, gore, wounds and more in minutes.

PlatSil Gel-10 Silicone Rubber is safe for use on skin!

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