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2350 Sealer And Release

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2350 is a sealer and release for making silicone molds or casting silicone into silicone. 2350 is a liquid release so it may be transferred to a sprayer or "sloshed" into a mold and poured back out to release the mold. 2350 is popular with FX artists as it allows Gel series silicones to be cast into silicone lifecasts. Silicone doll makers also use 2350 to facilitate casting Gel-00 silicone into Gel-10 molds.

A mineral spirits-based release agent and sealer for use with RTV liquid silicone rubbers. Can be brushed or sprayed on porous masters as a sealer before using polyurethane rubbers or silicone rubbers. When using as a sealer for polyurethane mold rubbers, it is recommended that 2300 be used in addition as a release agent over the Pol-Ease 2350 sealer. In any case, the mineral spirits carrier in the Pol-Ease 2350 should be allowed to evaporate leaving behind a thin coating of sealer/release before applying liquid rubber. Use of a soft brush to evenly distribute the 2350 can improve results

Technical Data: 2350MSDS - Release selection guide

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