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Silicone Skin Materials

Important! If you are casting medical simulators or similar parts, we recommend Skin Cast OO30 or Softer TC-5100. Both cure a to a similar softness to the PlatSil Gels, but are lower cost! These are, however, different formulas, so try a small kit first if you are changing brands to ensure suitability for your process.

With inflation raising the PlatSil costs to insane levels, here is a list of cost-saving alternatives to Gel-10 and other PlatSil Gels:


  • Prosthetic Gel 1: Soft & Stretchy. May be used for prosthetics or small fast molds. May be thickened with Thixo or softened to a VERY soft gel with Prosthetic Additive 1.
  • 5130F: Slightly Firm 25A. Akin to Gel-25 in speed, softness, and viscosity. May be thickened for brush-on application with Thixo
  • 5110F (soft and fast like Gel-10) May be thickened with Thixo for brush on molds or cast into alginate molds.
  • Skin Cast OO50 (For casting medical simulators & Tattoo skins)
  • Skin Cast OO30 (Same Softness As Gel-OO For casting medical simulators & Tattoo skins)
  • Skin Cast OO10 (Softer than any of the PlatSil Gels)
  • Skin Cast OOO5 (VERY Soft Gel for filling medical simulators such as bodies and breast forms. See product page for more info.)

    PlatSil Gels are the most versatile silicones available and BITY offers the full selection of additives to thicken, thin, accelerate, retard, soften, harden, pigment, paint, and adhere the PlatSil Gels. Casting dolls or silicone masks? Our new PlatSil 0020 and PlatSil 0030 formulas are great silicones for casting applications. New to silicone? Be sure to visit our video library for how-to videos and tutorials for silicone painting.

    You can find all of our pigments and additives for silicones here.

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