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PlatSil Gel-25 U8 Starter Kit

  • $210.00

Try the new PlatSil Gel-25 in our new Gel-25 starter kit. Kit includes an 8lb kit of Gel-25, 1 quart bottle of Part H Hardener, and 1 quart bottle of new Deadener LV.

New PlatSil Gel-25 is the most versatile FX silicone to date. With the new part H and Deadener LV, Gel-25 may be softened down to an OOO30 or hardened up to an A40. This allows 1 silicone to fit a wide range of FX and mold making applications.

  • Gel-25 is low viscosity. At 6000 cps it is less than 1/2 the mixed viscosity of Gel-10 and Gel-OO. Some basic poured mold and prosthetic applications may not require vacuum degassing.
  • In spite of its low mixed viscosity, Gel-25 thickens easily for brushed on mold applications. Add TinThix to thicken Gel25 to a brushable paste.
  •  Gel-25 is fast curring for quick turn-around on molds and prosthetics. Pour time is ~5min with a 1 hour demold.
  •  Gel-25 is great for lifecasting. Like the other PlatSil Gels it is non-toxic. Body heat accelerates Gel-25 so it may be demolded in~25 minutes in lifecasting applications.
  •  Gel-25 is tough. New Gel-25 has great tear resistance making it ideal for glove molds.
  •  Like the other Gels, Gel-25 is translucent and pigments easily to simulate human tissue.
  • Other 71/73 additives work in Gel-25 allowing further maniplulation of the silicone.

See youtube tutorials for more information and check the PlatSil Gel-25 SDS for suggested formulas with Hardener and Deadener LV.

PlatSil Gel formulas are all "water-white-translucent" unless pigment is added. PlatSil Gels may be thickened with PlatThix or TinThix, slowed with 71/73R, accelerated with 71/73X, softened with Deadener, and even hardened with the new PlatSil Part H. You can find all of the additives and pigments for PlatSil Gels here.



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