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PlatSil Gel-10 - All Kit Sizes

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Translucent, ~8 Durometer, Stretchy (960% Elongation) Platinum Silicone Skin Material.

Due to its translucent nature, nothing comes closer to real-life than Silicone. PlatSil Gel-10 is so versatile that you can cast, paint, pigment, bond it to itself, use it as a skinsafe adhesive, and so much more.

May be pigmented with silicone pigments (see Additives). Add flocking for color variations. Accelerator is 71/73X and Retarder is 71/73R. Paint with small amounts of PlatSil Gel-10 mixed with silicone pigment by hand, or thin mixture with solvent (naphtha/xylene) to airbrush.

Add Smith's Prosthetic Deadener, up to 250%, to lower the "snap", creating a great adipose (fatty)tissue effect and adhesiveness for prosthetic appliances.

Also great for making small, super fast one piece molds to avoid seam lines. Visit our video library for full tutorials on Brushed-on mold making with PlatSil Gel-10.

Gel-10 is mixed 1:1 by weight or volume. Gel-10 may be made "brushable" by adding TinThix or PlatThix thickener. (see Additives)

Release original patterns with Eject-it 33 or 2500 spray release. For silicone to silicone applications, use 2350 release.

PlatSil Gel formulas are all "water-white-translucent" unless pigment is added. PlatSil Gels may be thickened with PlatThix or TinThix. TinThix added to Gel-10 will result in a thick, frosting-like paste. PlatThix allows for a more nuanced thickening effect, such as a light paste. Gel-10 may also be slowed with 71/73R, accelerated with 71/73X, softened with Deadener, and even hardened with the new PlatSil Part H. You can find all of the additives and pigments for PlatSil Gels here.

Mixing Ratio: 1A: 1B
Working Time: 6 min
Demold: 30 minutes
Color: Transluscent White
Shrinkage Upon Cure: Nil

Technical Data: Datasheet - MSDS - Physical Properties

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