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PlatSil Gel-10 Accessory Kit

PlatSil Gel-10 Accessory Kit

  • $89.00

BITY Mold Supply has bundled up most of the main accessories that you need for working with PlatSil Gel-10 silicone or Gel-00 silicone in one kit. Silcone Not Included.

This kit includes the 8 Color Silicone Pigment Palette (Red, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, White, Brown & Flesh), 2lbs of Smith's Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener, 1oz TinThix, 4oz of PlatThix, 4oz of 71/73 R (Retarder), 3 different colors Flocking Powder, 2 - 1 quart mixing containers, 4 - 8oz mixing containers and stir sticks.

NOTE: You will need to purchase Gel-10 or Gel-00 or other Platinum Silicones to take full advantage fo this kit.

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