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Advanced PlatSil Gel-10 Cut Kit

  • $58.00

Twice as much PlatSil Gel-10 as the Gel-10 Cut Kit. Plus with the ability to color it yourself.

We expanded our popular cut kit to give you more options! The advanced kit has seperate silicone pigments and thickener to allow for more application options. Use Gel-10 without thickener to achieve a pour-able consistency suitable for lifecasting & casting into molds. Add thickener to achieve a thick paste consistency for sculpting wounds and scars. Kit comes with plenty of thickener and pigments for future applications. Extra Gel-10 may be purchased in 1,2,8, and 16lb kits.

With this kit you can create your own cuts, wounds, gore and more within minutes with this Skin Safe Silicone.

Kit Includes: 1lb Gel 10 Kit in Squeeze Bottles (8oz Part A & 8oz Part B)
1oz TinThix Thickener
4 Color Palette Silicone Colors (Red, Blue, Flesh and Dark Brown)
2 Mixing Cups
Stir Sticks

Technical Data: Gel-10 - Datasheet     Gel-10 - MSDS

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