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Monster Gel™ CSF - All Sizes & Speeds

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Monster GelCSF (Crystalline Silica Free) comes in 3 different working times: Fast, Regular, and Slow. Both grades work with warm water at 80F. Great for head casts and body casting. Working time is dependent on which grade you’ve chosen.

Important: Mix ratio for Monster Gel alginates is 2 parts Monster Gel to 1 part warm water by volume. Read that again. I know it seems backwards, but it is 2 parts Monster Gel to 1 part warm water. If you do it backwards the end product will be weak and take REALLY long to set up!

Monster Gel molds will accept these casting materials: PlatSil Gel SiliconesGypsums(Plasters)Monster Clay, and TC1630 resin.

  • Fast Set - Ideal for hands, feet and quick, small face casts.
  • Medium Set - Good for hands, feet, heads, and other medium sized applications.
  • Slow Set - Recommended for large head and shoulder casts and body casts.

New to lifecasting? Visit our video library for lifecasting instructions.

Important! Unlike traditional alginate formulas, Monster Gel CSF formulas are formulated for use with very warm water. Cold water may be used, but it will set really slow. Use warm water for best performance.

 Technical Data:  Datasheet  - MSDS

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