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Head Casting Kit

  • $85.00

So you are new to Lifecasting but want to start with a head cast, well this Kit includes the basics that you need to get started with the Head Cast process.

This Kit includes, 5lbs of Accu-Cast 880 Alginate, a box (12) of 4" bandages, 8oz of Alginate Release, and 2 oz of Petroleum Jelly.
Just determine what you want to pour into your head cast, Plaster, Clay (Monster Maker or TexClay) or PlatSil Gel-10 and order that as well.

Add the Lifecasting 101 DVD using the options for just $10.00!
Add a Bald Cap for $9.00 using the options drop down menu below.

Typically you need 6 - 4" plaster bandages to do a head cast and roughly 2 - 2 1/2 lbs of Alginate to do a head cast.

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