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BITYGel Alginate Medium & Slow Set

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BITYGel alginate is ideal for hand and body casting. For face and hand casting we recommend our 4-5 minute set alginate formula.

 For full head casts, torso casts, or body casts we recommend our 6-7 minute formula.

Use AlgiSlo to bond multiple layers or add to the mix to further retard the set time.

As with all alginate formulas, BITYGel is a temporary mold that must be used within 1-2 hours after pouring. Alginate shrinks and distorts as it dries out.

Casting materials for BITYGel include Plasters, TC-1630, Monster Clay, or PlatSil Gels.

BITYGel may be used for poured or "lay up" molds. Add more water to create a slightly runny consistency for poured hand molds. Use more BITYGel to get a thicker consistency for face, head, and body molds. Use our economical, high-grade, medical Plaster Bandages for supporting lay-up molds such as head casts and body casts.

Visit our Video Library page for tutorials on the lifecasting process with both silicone and alginate.

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