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Resin Casting Kit

Resin Casting Kit

  • $159.00

Our resin casting kit is agreat way to get started pouring resin parts, all you need is a silicone mold! Kit includes 15.2lb (Gallon jugs) kit of Easy Flo resin, PolyColor Pigment set, 10 count Nitrile gloves, 4 8oz mixing cups, 4 32oz mixing cups, and stir sticks. PolyColor pigments are very concentrated. This pigments set will color many gallons of resin.

Choose any Easy Flo resin for this kit:

*Easy Flo 60 for fast, solid pours (Cures bright white)

*Easy Flo Clear for translucent color effects and cold cast bronze parts (Cures clear amber)

*Easy Flo 120 for rotational casting (Cures bright white)

*Easy Flo 90 for larger, solid pours where longer working time is required (Cures off-white)

Technical Data: Poly 74-20 Datasheet

                           Poly 74-20 Part A MSDS     Poly 74-20 Part B

                           MSDSPoly Colors MSDS      PolyColor White MSDS

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