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PlatSil Gel-25 - All Kit Sizes

  • $49.00

Important! If you are casting medical simulators or similar parts, we recommend Skin Cast OO30 or Softer TC-5100. Both cure a to a similar softness to the PlatSil Gels, but are lower cost! These are, however, different formulas, so try a small kit first if you are changing brands to ensure suitability for your process.

Looking for a lower cost Life-Casting silicone? Try CopyCat 6760. It is lower cost and does not require a release agent over short hair!

With inflation raising the PlatSil costs to insane levels, here is a list of cost-saving alternatives to Gel-10 and other PlatSil Gels:

PlatSil Gel-25 allows you to formulate any Shore A value, between 00 and A40, by adding either Part H hardener or the new Deadener LV. See data sheet for more information. Mixed 1A:1B Gel-25 cures to an A25. Gel-25 has a 5 minute working time and a 1 Hr. demold.

PlatSil Gel formulas are all "water-white-translucent" unless pigment is added. PlatSil Gels may be thickened with TinThix, slowed with 71/73R, accelerated with 71/73X, softened with Deadener LV, and even hardened with the new PlatSil Part H. You can find all of the additives and pigments for PlatSil Gels here.

Release sealed surfaces and molds with Eject-it 33/SupraLeasePTR. Seal pourous surfaces for molding with Petroleum Jelly or Mold Soap.

Technical Data: Datasheet - MSDS - Physical Properties

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