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PlatSil Gel-25 Molding Kit

  • $240.00

Due to current supply chain issues, gloves will not be included with mold making kits.

Our Gel-25 molding kit is a great kit for molding figurines and scale models. This is the same kit we used to create the scale car body mold (pictured). Kit comes with 8lbs Gel-25 silicone, gloves, clay (protolina), release, 71/73R Retarder, stir sticks, mold tubes, foam core board, and graduated mixing cups. Gel-25 may be made brushable by adding optional Tinthix thickener.

Important! This is a Platinum silicone and may be inhibited by contaminated patterns. Avoid clays containing sulfur, latex and natural rubber parts. When in doubt, perform a small test cure to determing suitability of a given pattern.

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