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Polyfoam F-3 - 120lb Kit

Polyfoam F-3 - 120lb Kit

  • $695.00

PolyFoam F-3 is a 1A:2B mix (by weight) polyurethane self-skinning flexible foam that has a free-rise density of 3 lb per cubic foot. PolyFoam flexible foams are excellent for casting functional as well as decorative objects that need to be lightweight yet flexible.
Generally PolyFoam products are poured into TinSil or PlatSil silicone molds.

F-3 is well suited for filling Gel-10 skins such as body props, heads and limbs. PolyFoam F-3 also works well with the PT Flex series of casting rubbers. Thin, tough, and detailed skins may be achieved by "sloshing" PT Flex products into the mold prior to pouring foam. F-3 bonds well to fresh PT Flex skins.

F-3 may be pigmented with PolyColor pigments. A small amount of brown PolyColor may be used to achieve a general flesh tone.

 Mixing Ratio: 1A:2B by Weight
Cream Time: 25 Seconds
Rise Time: 1.5 Minutes
Demold: 40 Minutes

2x40lb Pails Part B

1x40lb Pail Part A

Technical Data: PolyFoam F-3 Datasheet 
  PolyFoam F-3 Part A MSDS      PolyFoam F-3 Part B MSDS

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