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Multi-award winning make-up FX artist, Neill Gorton, takes you through the processes involved in creating silicone prosthetics in this 5 disk DVD set.
Neill is very generous with his knowledge and the countless personal tips and tricks he has developed over a 22 year career. His practical, honest teaching style lends itself to these ‘no frills’ products which are widely used by individuals, companies and colleges.

Part 1: Flat Mould and 3D Transfer Appliances
Sculpting the appliance
Moulding the appliance
Casting the Appliance in Silicone
Application and colouring

Part 2: Multi Piece Appliances - Double Disk
Disk 1:
Sculpting the piece
Floating the sculpt
Making a positive cast

Disk 2:
Moulding the appliance
Casting the appliance
Overview of application

Part 3: Conforming Moulds for 3D Silicone Transfers -Double Disk
Disk 1:
Sculpting the appliance
Casting a new positive
Moulding the appliance

Disk 2:
Duplicating the prosthetic mould
Casting the appliances
The application process

Please note that these DVD's are produced in the UK which means that they may be in the PAL format instead of the NTSC format. Not all DVD players can play the PAL format but most computer-based DVD software can play both formats. All of the DVD's have been tested to make sure they play.
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