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Poly Plasti-Flex - 38.5lb kit

  • $240.00

Poly Plasti-Flex is a 35A:100B mix, flexible polyurethane casting material (~A90 hardness) designed for producing slightly flexible parts such as decorative trim / molding, props, special effects castings and any number of other impact-resistant parts.

Plasti-Flex reproduce minute detail from molds and can be drilled, sanded and machined.

35A: 100B By VOLUME
Working Time: 3 Minutes
Demold in 30-60 Minutes.
Mixed Viscosity: 550 (cP) Cured Color: Off white

Additives for Plasti-Flex, such as PolyColor Pigments, are available here.

This kit is 1-5G Pail B 1G Pail A

Technical Data: Poly Plasti-Flex Data Sheet
Poly Plasti-Flex Part A MSDS      Poly Plasti-Flex Part B MSDS

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