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Resin Casting Kit

Resin Casting Kit

  • $178.00

Due to current supply chain issues, for the time being gloves will not be included with mold making kits.

Our resin casting kit is agreat way to get started pouring resin parts, all you need is a silicone mold! Kit includes 15.2lb (Gallon jugs) kit of Easy Flo resin, PolyColor Pigment set, 10 count Nitrile gloves, 4 8oz mixing cups, 4 32oz mixing cups, and stir sticks. PolyColor pigments are very concentrated. This pigments set will color many gallons of resin.

Choose any Easy Flo resin for this kit:

*Easy Flo 60 for fast, solid pours (Cures bright white)

*Easy Flo Clear for translucent color effects and cold cast bronze parts (Cures clear amber)

*Easy Flo 120 for rotational casting (Cures bright white)

*Easy Flo 90 for larger, solid pours where longer working time is required (Cures off-white)

Technical Data: Poly 74-20 Datasheet

                           Poly 74-20 Part A MSDS     Poly 74-20 Part B

                           MSDSPoly Colors MSDS      PolyColor White MSDS

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