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EasyFlo Clear Casting Resin - All Kit Sizes

  • $32.00

Important! Some of you have requested translucent resin formulas for basic casting, metal cold-casting, and other applications with a higher Shore D value. Here are some Harder and/or less expensive alternatives to EasyFlo Clear:

This is a fast, amber clear casting resin. Use EasyFlo Clear for translucent castings or for true color matching. EasyFlo Clear is also great for cold-cast bronze and other bonded metal casting techniques. EasyFlo Clear cures slightly harder than EasyFlo 60 so it polishes better with 0000 steel wool. Full "D" hardness is achieved in 6-8 hours after demold.

Mixing Ratio: 1A:1B By Volume, 100A:85B By Weight
Working Time: 2- 2.5 Minutes
Demold: 30 Min- 1 Hour
Color: Translucent Amber
Mixed Viscosity: 110 (cP)

Best for exact color matching. (Photo is bronze powder and brown pigment mixed into Easy Flo Clear).

May be thickened with PolyFiber II for brushing into molds or onto surfaces.

Additives, such as PolyPig Pigments and PolyFiber can be found here.

Technical Data: EasyFlo Clear - Datasheet        EasyFlo Physical Properties
                           EasyFlo Clear Part A - MSDS    EasyFlo Clear Part B - MSDS 

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