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MD-50 Gallon Kit

  • $121.00

BJB’s MD Series of semi rigid, medium work time urethane elastomers exhibit great flexibility and excellent durability.  These tough, abrasion resistant systems easily process at room temperature.  The MD Series is perfect for larger or more complex parts and offers superior performance in many applications such as rollers, foundry tooling and high impact semi rigid parts.

  • RoHS/REACH compliant
  • 2:1 user friendly ratio
  • High tensile and tear strength
  • Molds and cast parts
  • Cures at room temperature

Shore Hardness Worktime Demold Time Shrinkage
Viscosity Ratio
50 D 15-20 minutes 3-4 hours 0.004 2,500 cps 100/50 pbw (100/50 pbv)


Technical Data: Data Sheet  -  SDS: Part A  -  Part B

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